Conceptualizing Chapter 1

Teaching Strategies

Singapore as a Nation in the World


What is the purpose of the chapter?

What are its strengths and limitations?

How does Chapter 1 connect to other chapters?


Sets the Context


Spatial and temporal (post-independent Singapore)


Introduces Concepts


Introduction to key and recurring issues. The challenges highlighted directly relates to all other themes in textbook.   


Need to take note of complexity of concepts related to nation, national identity


Understanding of nationhood and national identity will be continuously built up throughout upper secondary course in subsequent chapters. Every domain of social action/issue affects/shapes our sense of nationhood and vice versa.



Link with lower secondary?


Important base of knowledge (both History and Geography) to tap on and re-present with the frame of Social Studies



What do my students already know about Singapore’s History?

How will the chapter change/confirm the different points of view?


Purpose of ”The Singapore Story” Official narrative


Appreciate progress


Singapore has made and limitations that Singaporeans need to continue to work on i.e. understand Singapore has come a long way, not to take progress for granted, some factors influencing perceptions are permanent (e.g. physical size) and some will take time to shift  (e.g. our sense of  history).


Importance of understanding official narrative as basis for critiquing


Ways of seeing the official narrative as context and understanding how it is constructed



How do I bring in other ‘narratives’?