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Conceptualizing Chapter 3 - Page 2

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Conceptualizing Chapter 3
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What do I already know about the workings and how would I assess the quality of the healthcare system in Singapore?

What do my students already know/what are my students’ existing perceptions?

  1. What are my personal experiences and opinions about the healthcare system in Singapore? How will I assess the quality of the system?
  2. How would I find out my students perceptions of the system? 
    • Key indicators to measure effectiveness of healthcare systems. The first is Access: Equitability, Affordability; the second is Quality: Facilities, Manpower, Research capabilities, Health education. Try to maintain a balance between the two, as the latter is often neglected because the improvements are less visible and tend to evoke less emotive responses from the public.
    • Engage personal experiences and stories that students may have to share about their own or known encounters with health services.  



What are the different ways through which to develop an appreciation of the topic?

  1. What is my and the students’ stake in the issue? Why does healthcare matter to me/them?
  2. How is healthcare connected to other social issues?  
    • Engaging personal experiences and stories may be a useful avenue as students’ families and friends may have rich encounters to share, which would help bring the learning alive.
    • See connections with governance above. Healthcare policies are related to many policies in many other areas: economic development, urban planning, labor manpower, population planning etc. 
  3. What other foreign case studies may be used to provide more insights?
    • America: tussle between public and private healthcare, recent healthcare reforms.
    • Vietnam/China: healthcare reform in developing countries with close links to Singapore.



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